DPO Mentoring and support

Mastering the implementation of GDPR involves analysing and conducting essential activities to reach optimum (lest expensive and most efficient) implementation in a phased approach. 

This is made possible through the adherence to a methodology in line with Data Protection Authorities (DPA) recommendation. (lien à la page suivante)  In large organisation, there are four separate axes or the implementation. In smaller organisation some of those are combines and Compliance effort may even be outsourced, provided management remains available and takes adequate and timely actions when needed.   

GDPR Functional requirements

The Belgian DPA recommends thirteen steps for implementing GDPR. We have developed a method that aligns with the thirteen steps and presents a dashboard to management.

GDPR Non-Functional requirements

Various back office activities are required to succeed an implementation. While many organisations focus on a “GDPR tool”, it is essential that a tool is adopted once the internal and the compliance environment.

Program Implementation and DPO organisation

An implementation requires a full project and even t program management practices with a planning and various phasing steps.   The designation of a DPO and the relation with Line Managers are essential for a compliance implementation success.